sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y: Sunday-Saturday

As everyone knows that was my last week in NY NY haha and I'm leaving tomorrow morning.I didn't write the whole week because I was too busy ! haha
Well on Sunday we went to that play and I haven't written about the After Party, so I'll do it now !
We arrived there and went get something to eat while Greg went find a table. When we got on the table we realized thta we were right next to where Scarlett and Liev were going to sit ! So we met them ! It was such a great experince because I know it could never happen in Brasil.
Im going to tell the most exciting things now. On Tuesday we went to 5 rythms class at night. The place was AMAZING and we danced for two always straight ! I was dead but I have never had a night like that before ! It was perfect, I danced with wonderfoul people and we met after the class and the songs were so great and everything was perfect !
We went to the City on Wednesday and I walked around 6 AV while Klau was taking a Pilates class. It was so good, I met a cop and he was so nice ! haha
We got more snow on Thursday ! And on Friday we went to see Daniel's consert at 8 in the morning, yeah. haha. It was pretty cute. And at night we went to my last 5 rythms class, I'll definetly miss it a lot, we sould have something like that in Brasil ! It was great like always !
Today we went to MoMa. Ana Carolina told me about the Tim Bourton exposicion and of course we listened to her advice haha. It is just unbelivable. He is so crazy, so amazing, lovely, so.. well we have to create a new adjective for him. I wasn't feeling good so we didnt see everthing, and it was completly full. I think I'm depressed to come back home, I mean I miss everyone but I could definetly stay more. So I got a thrush in my mouth and gland in my neck. I felt tired the whole day.
But anyway, I have to come home soon or late and I will I definetly will come back here.
Not because of the place, not because of the people. Just because here I can find new things completly diferent from everything I have in my life. And because now I look inside my self and see that the girl that arrived here 50 days ago is completly changed and will always want to change a little bit everyday, change, discovery and grow up.
I am so thankfull to everyone that made this trip happen.

segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y : Weekend

So, on Saturday me and Klau took a walk around here. It was a beatiful place with a frozzen lake and we had a lot of fun. I was soo thirsty so I decided to eat tha ice from the lake hahahhaha. And it was sooo good. I loved.
There were amazing houses around the lake, and I would like to live there if the weather was good the whole year haha.
When we got home we wached Across the Universe, best film ever, love it.
Yesterday I woke up, had lunch and dressed up to go to the Primiere ! The play is called A View from the Bridge with Scarlett Johansson and Liev Schreiber. She is her niece and they live in the same house with his wife. Some relatives come from Italy t stay for a while wit them, and Catherine (Scarlett) falls in love with one of them, but Edie (Liev) doesn't want to get married with the guy. He says that the only reason the guy wants to marry her is to be a citizen, but actually he is jealous of her, he kinda loves her. Scarlett was okay, but Liev is amazing ! He was so much into the character,and was really intense all the time, he made everyone belive the story all the time, I really loved him !
I have to do something, so I'll write abou the after party later !

sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y: I can't believe

that I'm coming back home in 8 days ! hahahha
I was remembering the first days, and I definetly grew up a lot here ! It is so amazing how a short time without everything that makes us confortable changes our points of view, our reactions in difficult sitiations. And I haven't been thru reaaaally hard sitiations here, but not having friends and parents and dogs to support me when I was a little bit sad, made me learn how to support my self. Now I see how great is to grow up! hahahha
Even if all the time I spent here were bad it would be good for everything I leart. But besides learning I had so much fun ! And I am still having actually ! hahaha.. so many great days !
I am so happy, but sad in the same time because I am leaving in a week and I'll miss this time here so much...It is like another way to live the same life ! And I also leart that our lives can be good in so many different ways ! That is so good for me to learn because my life has been the same since.. hum ALWAYS ! HAHAHA.. I have always had the same best friends, have always gone to the same school, always seen the same people, the same places, and always thought I couldn't be so happy as I am in a different way, but noooooooooow.. I know I can ! Now I know I can find good people everywhere I go, I know I'll have great times with different people in different places ! I am ready to experience different things now !
Well about the day hahaha : I woke up at nine to take Nya class and it was really fun ! Than I went to Marshals while Klau was at her friend's house. I took somethings and at 2 she arrived there so we saw somethings together... We found a coat to vovó really nice, she needs it because she is going to Europe ! Yey that is so cool. And I found a coat to Klau very very good ! I would had bought it if I had found on the begining of my trip, but it doesn't worth to buy and wear it in Brasil.
I bought nive stuff, some blouses, sweatshirt, tracksuit, blue cute shoes and everything really cheap !
At home I worked out and stuff.
Tomorrow we are going to do something in Larchmont because we are tired and we don't want to go to the City. OOOH on Sunday we are going to another Premiere ! It is a play with Scarlet Johanson ! She is so pretty, I hope the play will be good !
Now I am going to sleep, xoxo ! <3

quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y: City again

Today I woke up at 8:15 because I had to get ready to take the train.
We were going to the 5 rythms class, but we wanted to arrive in the City lie 30 minutes earlier so we could walk on the streets and take pictures !
It was fun, and we saw the most crazy shoe’s store ever ! It is called Uncommom Choice (or somethig like that) and it is REALLY uncommom hahhaha. The shoes are from England and they are so so so so cool. Colourful, shinny, mix of desing, different shapes of high heel, and all shoes are so pretty. We were imagening if we were milionare we would had spent 1000 dollars in ten minutes in that store hahaha.
Well after that we saw a nice coffe shop and decided that after the class we were going to take a cafezinho haha and see that store, because both were closed at that time.
The class was nice, but not the best ever. There were better classes than the one of today. Because people weren’t really excited, but it was fun anyway. I met a woman that is married with a brazilian guy, and they will move to Brasil in like one year and a half. She is so nice .
So we went to the coffe shop and I took a expresso without sugar, and it was good. I need to lose weigh because I got like one kilo here ! Bad, bad, bad. But I’ll lose it fast because now I’m eating only fruits and salad, and working out a lot ! I want to arrive in Brasil skinny to enjoy our summer ! The coffe shop is so cute, I posted photos in orkut. After that we went to the crazy store as we had plained. Oh my God. We almost cried hahaha. It is so so so so so so cool. It is so Sorro, so different, definitely amazing !
We walked a little bit more thru the City and had to take the train. We went to Daniel’s school, and stayed there for one hour, time flew so fast ! Coming back home I slept for more than one hour ! hahha I was tired. And when I woke up I exercised for more 2 hours. Than I cleaned the kitchn and washed my clothes, haha I’m learning !
Well tomorrow I’ll wake up at 9 because I’ll take Nya class.
Xoxo everybody ! <3

quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y: City

Yesterday I went to bed at like 1h30, and today I woke up at 7h40 hahaha. But for a good reason, we went to the City ! We took the train at nine and went to Sorro, we took some pictures and walked in the streets, the weather was fine so we could stay outside. We went to a store called Custo,that is a crazy company from Spain, it is sooo cool. But than we decided to go to the outlet of the same store. But before we went to Diesel store just to see and cry hahahhahahha. It was funny.
In the outlet I bought two blouses really really cute, one of them is yellow with a clourful city, and the other one is colourful with a bird in the middle. I also bought crazy snikears, they are light purple with some colourful details, a blue wasp, a red crown and it is sooooo crazy hahaha.
But while we were changing we realized it was 12h30 and we had to take the train ! Time fly so so so fast in this country ! So we paid and left. We took the train and everything and we had to take Daniel at school, but we stayed there for one hour and we slept inside the car hahahhahaha.
Now I am here thinking about the 10 days I have here. This was the faster vacation I've ever had ! It seams like I've just arrived here, but no. I have more 10 days and that is it, sooooo lats enjoy ! hahhahahahaha
I miss Brasil so much, but I know I'll miss this time I'm here when I come back home.
xoxoooo <3

segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y: Weekend

On Friday we went to the City to send the day in the Central Park. It was really good because it wasn~t so cold and it was sunny. We walked and took a lot of nice pictures. After that we had lunch in a chinese restaurant, it was really good. Than we went to Betsy Johnson and I bought a green and shiny, it is sooooo cute and I loved it. We came back home because we had a sweet sixteen party at 6.
I wore my ne dress of course hhahaha and my new pumps.
The party was in NJ, so it took a while for us to get there. We slept a lot in the car hahaha.
When we got there there were some boys dancing like robots and it was so weird. But than we could see that it was that dancing machine that you have to follow what the screem wants you to do.
The songs were so terrible in that machine, but after a while they put real musics to everyone dance. We ate and the food was kinda good. Than we started dancing. It was really fun, we danced the whole time. But sometimes a guy used to sto the music and start some silly games. I think it is because american people don't really dance, they just pretend.
We were have fun and sudenlly the party ends, at 10 o'clock.. hahahahaahahahahha
okay okay.
We got home and me and Becca just chatted and went to bed.
Yesterday me and Greg went to Daniel's basketball game. It was fun, bu they lost: he doe~sn~t want me to say the score.
He was sad but after a while he was fine ! Greg and Klau told him that he has to lose a lot of games to learn more and more, but he didn~t believe.. hahahaha
For lunch we went to a turkey restaurant, it was good. But we ate just a litlle bit because at 5 we would have a dinner at a friend's house.
And the dinner was so good, we had a kind of german sausage and it was soo good. We played ping-pong and chatted a lot and they have three kids and they are so cute. There is a 3 year old boy that is so cute and so smart. We took some pictures but I don't have them yet.
Today is holiday so we went to the aquarium and it was fun. It is so big and the animals are just amazing. I~m going to post photos, because I took like 743647364784634 hahaha.
Well I post more when I post the photos.
xoxo <3

sexta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y : PMS

Today I took a Nya class and went shopping. I bought some presents to my girlfriends.
Then I came home and did some stuff then worked out.
Great day.
no, sorry I'm PMS-ing.