quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y: City

Yesterday I went to bed at like 1h30, and today I woke up at 7h40 hahaha. But for a good reason, we went to the City ! We took the train at nine and went to Sorro, we took some pictures and walked in the streets, the weather was fine so we could stay outside. We went to a store called Custo,that is a crazy company from Spain, it is sooo cool. But than we decided to go to the outlet of the same store. But before we went to Diesel store just to see and cry hahahhahahha. It was funny.
In the outlet I bought two blouses really really cute, one of them is yellow with a clourful city, and the other one is colourful with a bird in the middle. I also bought crazy snikears, they are light purple with some colourful details, a blue wasp, a red crown and it is sooooo crazy hahaha.
But while we were changing we realized it was 12h30 and we had to take the train ! Time fly so so so fast in this country ! So we paid and left. We took the train and everything and we had to take Daniel at school, but we stayed there for one hour and we slept inside the car hahahhahaha.
Now I am here thinking about the 10 days I have here. This was the faster vacation I've ever had ! It seams like I've just arrived here, but no. I have more 10 days and that is it, sooooo lats enjoy ! hahhahahahaha
I miss Brasil so much, but I know I'll miss this time I'm here when I come back home.
xoxoooo <3

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