terça-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y: Second day

(obs: minha tia disse pra eu comecar a escrever meu blog em ingles, entao la vou eu.)
Today a woke up with Daniel in my bed. I dressed up and prepared my lunch (big salad), ate cereal and mellow aaand took my gloves before go out, cause yesterday my hands were freezing ! Sometimes, when the period changes I have to go outside the building because some classrooms aren't in the main building, so its always: wear the coat, take the coat off, wear, take it off.
When I arrived I talk to the principal and asked him to change my 5th period, it was plane geometry and they are learning the same thing I learnt last year in Brasil (and I'll keep the s), besides I hate math :)
I changed it for Amphitheatre Architecture, that I dont even know how to pronounce it, but the teacher is a lovely lady. The course is about Amphitheatres around the world and how are they made, it looks interesting, soooo.
The first period that is New King Solomon's Mines, things about precious stones and metals I was also thinking to change, but today I realized that it might be really easy. I'm staying in this one. haha
In South Africa Lit. they're reading a book, so they have all that discussion and I'm there all the time just listening to it. It's nice anyway. As I could notice the book is about a guy that commits grave sins about lust, and there are all that women around him.
Now, sleep time ! Infectious Diseases. It sounds interesting I know, but I almost slept in these two days. It may be the teacher's voice, or something hahaha. Got change this one, definitely.
Human Origins, I like this one..its all about the human species, their characteristics, in witch era they lived. I got homework today, but it isn't for tomorrow and it was easy so I've already done.
Period 6 is lunch. I met lots of people in these two days, but I think two days isn't time enough to people I met become my friends. That's why I really miss everybody in Brasil. I don't feel safe here around people that I don't know nothing about their lives.
Mommy got a present for you ! hahaha In Art Beyond the Rainbow we are painting that thing that you use to put the spoon when you are cooking, I don't even know the name in portuguese. Well, it's being nice, I like art.
And finally the the 8th period: American Lit. ... yeees, they are reading another book that I'm not ! hahaha it's a play and it's really funny ! I know that because they ready a scene everyday. That's about a woman that is visiting her sister and she is a kind of bitch, she doesn't have a good past and she kissed a 15 or something year old boy. I just listen to them reading and discussing.
When I arrived home I went to the computer to talk to my loves ! hahaha
Daniel was around me telling his mom that it's not fair the fact that I can use the computer before doing my homework and he doesn't. Shut up.
And I DID do my homework !
Later a danced i litlle bit, and Daniel came to dance with me, we ate and I helped him with his homework. Than we danced a litlle bit more, he wanted to watch some videos, and he had to sleep.
Well people, that's it..
In the next days I'll hopefully make good friends, right ?
hahaha love and kisses !

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  1. to vendo que sua relação com o dani ta melhorando! haha voce nem falou mal dele no post! hahhaah e voce ate dançou com ele! haha enfim, sobre fazer amigos lembre-se sobre o que eu te disse!hahaha nao vai esquecer da gente quando voce fizer amigas ae! e a minipaula? voce cuidando dela bem? hahhahah missing u so bad! love u

  2. hahahahhaha ela ta bem ! minha relacao com ele continua pessima