domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y: Happy Birthday to me !

I didn't post yesterday because I was kinda busy haha.
We went to that brazilian restaurant and than we bought stuff to the little party !
After that we had to go to the supermarket and everything. We came home and than went out again : went shopping ! :D
We had sooooo much fun, me and Klau went to the stores together, and everything were like 40, 50, 70% off ! First things I bought were shoes and a sweatshirt in nike store. They are so cute, the sneakers are gray white and the nike is purple, its like an informal shoe, its not to work out. And the sweatshirt is purple too, sooo cute.
Than we went to the most amazing shoe's store in the mall, there are loooooots of pumps and bouts in every color and style.
I was trying like blue pumps, red bouts..suddenly I see something : black and shinny pumps. I was like huum Madonna stuff, thats ridiculous. But of course i tried, aaaand. OH MY GOD that's peeeeeeeeerfect ! I was like nooooo way ! I can't get out of this store without those pumps, CAN'T ! So i bought it :DDDDDDDDD
I know my mom will hate it and she would never buy it to me, so i decided to pay, I have 100 dollars that my grandma gave to me and the shoes were exactely 100. I had one of the best feelings of my life buying that! hahahhah thats ridiculous, i know, but it was really good.
After that I bought my new school bag, its sooo cute, I love it, it's volcom and it was really chip.
We were in the car coming back home and suddenly ''Oh shit ! Where's my purse ?''
yeah yeah yeah, I forgot it in the mall. Witch was already closed.
150 dollars, three credit cards, camera, glasses. I was soooooo sad.
We called The North Face store, because it was the last place we went, but it wasn't there.
I arrived home and tried to call my parents, but I couldn't they were at someplace in Chile without Internet. So I called Julia, and she was giving me the account number, than we could block the credit cards, but at this point Greg called bebe store and my perfect pretty purse was there ! THAAAAAANK YOU GREG ! I was soooo happy !
So we took it this morning !
And as you all know I had a small party with friends I made at school.
In the beginning people were kinda shy, but after 1 hour everyone was comfortable ! We had pao de queijo, and stuff, and feijoada for lunch ! Than we had the cake, and brigadeiro, and bolo de fuba cremoso.. it was really nice ! We talked a lot and we did stuff like play ping-pong and everything..We could get closer and I had a good time ! Of course it wasn't the same as if I was in Brasil with everyone I love, but I had fun anyway !
I'm feeling a little bit alone now, because it's my birthday and most people I love are far away from me..but I know I'll be with everyone in three weeks !
Well..I have to sleep because I have school tomorrow !
Love everyone, xoxo :*

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  1. Great that everything worked out fine and you had such a nice birthday! We are so relieved! So, keep making friends and you´ll feel much better.
    You have only 2 weeks to go now and you´ll soon be here with us and missing the US
    Mum and Dad

  2. actually I have three weeks mom, 20 days ! today I skipped school, I was so so tired and my body was hurting so much. But I'm going tomorrow and I'll probably arrange something to do at the weekend!