quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y: City again

Today I woke up at 8:15 because I had to get ready to take the train.
We were going to the 5 rythms class, but we wanted to arrive in the City lie 30 minutes earlier so we could walk on the streets and take pictures !
It was fun, and we saw the most crazy shoe’s store ever ! It is called Uncommom Choice (or somethig like that) and it is REALLY uncommom hahhaha. The shoes are from England and they are so so so so cool. Colourful, shinny, mix of desing, different shapes of high heel, and all shoes are so pretty. We were imagening if we were milionare we would had spent 1000 dollars in ten minutes in that store hahaha.
Well after that we saw a nice coffe shop and decided that after the class we were going to take a cafezinho haha and see that store, because both were closed at that time.
The class was nice, but not the best ever. There were better classes than the one of today. Because people weren’t really excited, but it was fun anyway. I met a woman that is married with a brazilian guy, and they will move to Brasil in like one year and a half. She is so nice .
So we went to the coffe shop and I took a expresso without sugar, and it was good. I need to lose weigh because I got like one kilo here ! Bad, bad, bad. But I’ll lose it fast because now I’m eating only fruits and salad, and working out a lot ! I want to arrive in Brasil skinny to enjoy our summer ! The coffe shop is so cute, I posted photos in orkut. After that we went to the crazy store as we had plained. Oh my God. We almost cried hahaha. It is so so so so so so cool. It is so Sorro, so different, definitely amazing !
We walked a little bit more thru the City and had to take the train. We went to Daniel’s school, and stayed there for one hour, time flew so fast ! Coming back home I slept for more than one hour ! hahha I was tired. And when I woke up I exercised for more 2 hours. Than I cleaned the kitchn and washed my clothes, haha I’m learning !
Well tomorrow I’ll wake up at 9 because I’ll take Nya class.
Xoxo everybody ! <3

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  1. Nossa Alice, realmente 1 kilo é muita coisa... acho que vc não devia comer nem salada. Não tem assim um arzinho com gosto bom? Para com isso menina!