segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y: Weekend

On Friday we went to the City to send the day in the Central Park. It was really good because it wasn~t so cold and it was sunny. We walked and took a lot of nice pictures. After that we had lunch in a chinese restaurant, it was really good. Than we went to Betsy Johnson and I bought a green and shiny, it is sooooo cute and I loved it. We came back home because we had a sweet sixteen party at 6.
I wore my ne dress of course hhahaha and my new pumps.
The party was in NJ, so it took a while for us to get there. We slept a lot in the car hahaha.
When we got there there were some boys dancing like robots and it was so weird. But than we could see that it was that dancing machine that you have to follow what the screem wants you to do.
The songs were so terrible in that machine, but after a while they put real musics to everyone dance. We ate and the food was kinda good. Than we started dancing. It was really fun, we danced the whole time. But sometimes a guy used to sto the music and start some silly games. I think it is because american people don't really dance, they just pretend.
We were have fun and sudenlly the party ends, at 10 o'clock.. hahahahaahahahahha
okay okay.
We got home and me and Becca just chatted and went to bed.
Yesterday me and Greg went to Daniel's basketball game. It was fun, bu they lost: he doe~sn~t want me to say the score.
He was sad but after a while he was fine ! Greg and Klau told him that he has to lose a lot of games to learn more and more, but he didn~t believe.. hahahaha
For lunch we went to a turkey restaurant, it was good. But we ate just a litlle bit because at 5 we would have a dinner at a friend's house.
And the dinner was so good, we had a kind of german sausage and it was soo good. We played ping-pong and chatted a lot and they have three kids and they are so cute. There is a 3 year old boy that is so cute and so smart. We took some pictures but I don't have them yet.
Today is holiday so we went to the aquarium and it was fun. It is so big and the animals are just amazing. I~m going to post photos, because I took like 743647364784634 hahaha.
Well I post more when I post the photos.
xoxo <3

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