sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y: I can't believe

that I'm coming back home in 8 days ! hahahha
I was remembering the first days, and I definetly grew up a lot here ! It is so amazing how a short time without everything that makes us confortable changes our points of view, our reactions in difficult sitiations. And I haven't been thru reaaaally hard sitiations here, but not having friends and parents and dogs to support me when I was a little bit sad, made me learn how to support my self. Now I see how great is to grow up! hahahha
Even if all the time I spent here were bad it would be good for everything I leart. But besides learning I had so much fun ! And I am still having actually ! hahaha.. so many great days !
I am so happy, but sad in the same time because I am leaving in a week and I'll miss this time here so much...It is like another way to live the same life ! And I also leart that our lives can be good in so many different ways ! That is so good for me to learn because my life has been the same since.. hum ALWAYS ! HAHAHA.. I have always had the same best friends, have always gone to the same school, always seen the same people, the same places, and always thought I couldn't be so happy as I am in a different way, but noooooooooow.. I know I can ! Now I know I can find good people everywhere I go, I know I'll have great times with different people in different places ! I am ready to experience different things now !
Well about the day hahaha : I woke up at nine to take Nya class and it was really fun ! Than I went to Marshals while Klau was at her friend's house. I took somethings and at 2 she arrived there so we saw somethings together... We found a coat to vovó really nice, she needs it because she is going to Europe ! Yey that is so cool. And I found a coat to Klau very very good ! I would had bought it if I had found on the begining of my trip, but it doesn't worth to buy and wear it in Brasil.
I bought nive stuff, some blouses, sweatshirt, tracksuit, blue cute shoes and everything really cheap !
At home I worked out and stuff.
Tomorrow we are going to do something in Larchmont because we are tired and we don't want to go to the City. OOOH on Sunday we are going to another Premiere ! It is a play with Scarlet Johanson ! She is so pretty, I hope the play will be good !
Now I am going to sleep, xoxo ! <3

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  1. Nossa, agora chega de compras heim! Só vê os cremes prá mim!
    Nossa, que legal essa premiere amanhã? Depois vc conta... Vai com que roupa?