sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y: My first week at school !

As you all know the first days at school weren't that good.. but my birthday is coming sooo i decided to invite people i met to come home on Sunday ! I was thought like oh they will like that, because everyone is so cold here, but they will se I'm not.. so. and they did :)
Of course I didn't invite everyone i met, the school is really small so I think I met all the students, and most of them are huum.. weird, reaaaaaally weird hahaha. The ''coolest'' guy is the most weird ''coolest'' guy I've ever seen. He's ugly, he doesn't talk about cool things, the way he laughs is ridiculous and today he looked at me and shown his tougue ! like WHAT THE FUCK ? I looked back like ..hum ok what the hell do you want ?
Anyway. I met REALLY cool people hahaha, and I invited them..Gigi, Linzee, Madeleine, Lizzy, Josh, Rachel.. I don't know if all of them are coming, but Becca is coming too and Juliet, a friend from the public school..
My idea was : Brazilian food !
hahahaha they loved it ! We are going to buy feijoada in a Brazilian restaurant near from here and we are going to cook pao de queijo, etc.
Now I'm kinda excited! I hope it will be fun, because my birthday last year was sooooo great and I don't want this year to be boring... Besides I think that will make me closer to people at school.. you know they meet Klau and Greg, and they will feel more comfortable after coming to the house I live. And now they see I'm really friendly and cute girl ! hahahahahahahah just kidding.
Well about studying I really don't feel like doing well at school.. haha that's my vacation booooy ! I'm going to read the book the teacher asked us to read and everything but I'm not going to study for the tests ! I want to read, then I can improve my English, but I have to study in Brazil not here !
Today me and my aunt went to a dance class in the City, it was soooo fun ! It's called 5 rhythms and it's free dance ! The songs are so beautiful and people are rwally cool ! They are teh oposite from people at school ! hahahaha they talk to everyone, and they are not afraid to touch you, they are not cold american people, well at least in the dancing class ! Then we ate chinese food and came back home. I was sooo tired, but them I got home and I wanted to talk to people on the computer.
But now I'm tired ! hahahaha I want to see if tomorrow we can go shopping.. I have about three weeks here and I want to take the sales !
Miss everybody a looooot !
beijinhos amores !

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  1. aaah vai ser muito boa a festinha, voce tem as melhores ideias love. hahahhaa eu queria ir ai passar seu aniversario junto com voce! haaha e eu tenho certeza que vai ser bom, mas nao vai chegar aos pes da fetsa que eu fiz pra voce ano passado. desculpa :/ hahahaaha

  2. hahahaha depois fla de mim! Olha vc tbm querendo ir atras das SALE! hahahaha
    Tem uma promoções aqui de arrazar o quarteirao! huahauhaua comprei hj duas meias calças por 2libras! huahauh
    Amanha precisamos no falar, vc vai ter tempo pra mim?