sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y: Sunday-Saturday

As everyone knows that was my last week in NY NY haha and I'm leaving tomorrow morning.I didn't write the whole week because I was too busy ! haha
Well on Sunday we went to that play and I haven't written about the After Party, so I'll do it now !
We arrived there and went get something to eat while Greg went find a table. When we got on the table we realized thta we were right next to where Scarlett and Liev were going to sit ! So we met them ! It was such a great experince because I know it could never happen in Brasil.
Im going to tell the most exciting things now. On Tuesday we went to 5 rythms class at night. The place was AMAZING and we danced for two always straight ! I was dead but I have never had a night like that before ! It was perfect, I danced with wonderfoul people and we met after the class and the songs were so great and everything was perfect !
We went to the City on Wednesday and I walked around 6 AV while Klau was taking a Pilates class. It was so good, I met a cop and he was so nice ! haha
We got more snow on Thursday ! And on Friday we went to see Daniel's consert at 8 in the morning, yeah. haha. It was pretty cute. And at night we went to my last 5 rythms class, I'll definetly miss it a lot, we sould have something like that in Brasil ! It was great like always !
Today we went to MoMa. Ana Carolina told me about the Tim Bourton exposicion and of course we listened to her advice haha. It is just unbelivable. He is so crazy, so amazing, lovely, so.. well we have to create a new adjective for him. I wasn't feeling good so we didnt see everthing, and it was completly full. I think I'm depressed to come back home, I mean I miss everyone but I could definetly stay more. So I got a thrush in my mouth and gland in my neck. I felt tired the whole day.
But anyway, I have to come home soon or late and I will I definetly will come back here.
Not because of the place, not because of the people. Just because here I can find new things completly diferent from everything I have in my life. And because now I look inside my self and see that the girl that arrived here 50 days ago is completly changed and will always want to change a little bit everyday, change, discovery and grow up.
I am so thankfull to everyone that made this trip happen.

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