quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2010

N50Y : Great Day

I was feeling tired when I woke up, but I pulled together and got up, because I've already known that the day was going to be fun !
I leave home at 9:35 and took the train. The dance class is in Manhatan at 10 o'clock.
We talked the whole trip to The City. Talked about life, plans, stories, everything ! Everybody can notice I have much more fun with Klau than with people at school. We have much in commum, because we have the same blood !hahahaha. We tell each other things about our lives and it's sooooo good !
Well the dance class was so great ! I felt confortable after a week feeling nervous and confused. I really relax and had a wonderfoul time !
After the class we had lunch with a woman and a guy from the class. It was nice but we had to eat and run to the station to get the train. I mean really run ! hahaahaha. But we couldn't get the train we wanted to because when I was going to pass my card to get the subway it didn't work, I stayed there trying for like five seconds and the subway went away. haha it was funny anyway. We just took another one five minutes later.
We kept talking the whole trip back hahahahha.
Then we took Daniel at school, but we stayed there for like 1 hour I guess, talking to people and everything.
We got home and I did just normal stuff at home !
Well that's it :D

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